Puffin Browser

FAQs for Users

1. Q: Why can't I watch some videos in full-screen mode, and “Video Reel” icon is disabled?

For some videos, we provide a full-screen player option (for iOS and Android 3.0+). The full-screen player leverages the native video player on your device, and thus provides a much smoother video streaming experience. Some video websites (such as Hulu and other TV channel video sites) utilize video streaming technology that we currently don't support in the full-screen player. The video streaming experience in the embedded player could be laggy.

2. Q: What are the video formats Puffin Browser supports in full-screen mode? Does Puffin Browser support Silverlight and flip4mac plugins?


  • H.264 Baseline Profile
  • MPEG4 Simple Profile
  • VP6 (Flash video only)


  • H.263
  • H.264 Baseline Profile
  • MPEG4 Simple Profile
  • VP8 (for Android 2.3.3+)

We currently don't support Silverlight and flip4mac plugins (which are only available in Internet Explorer).

3. Q: I have no sound when I watch a video.

Please make sure the slide switch above the volume buttons is on. Or you can enable “Ignore Mute Switch” in Puffin’s settings.

4. Q: The Flash web page is not working in Puffin! What should I do?

Please check the following settings first.

  • Turn on Flash Support: Get into Settings view, and switch “Flash Support” mode to “Auto”.
  • Turn on User Agent: Get into Settings view, and switch “User Agent” mode to “Desktop”. (Some websites will automatically disable Flash functions if the incoming User Agent Type is iPhone)
  • If you are trying to visit a Intranet website (which means this private website is not accessible from outside), Puffin, a cloud-server-support browser, won’t work under this scenario.
If your symptom is different, please use our Feedback system to provide us more information.

5. Q: The website said my Flash is too old and have to upgrade. What should I do?.

Currently Puffin supports Flash 11.2. We'll continue to upgrade to the latest version.

6. Q: Why Puffin crash on some websites.

Please send the URL that makes Puffin crash to puffinbrowser@cloudmosa.com . We will fix them as soon as possible.

7. Q: When the app hangs, how can I force close the app (fully terminate the app)?

For iOS, please reference here.

For Android, select "Applications" in Settings. Select "Manage applications". Click on the app you'd like to terminate. Click on "Force stop". Anecdotally, terminating the app and then restarting the app seems to fix many miscellaneous problems :)

8. Q: After I install Puffin, I cannot find Puffin's icon and cannot remove it. How can I fix it?

Please launch iTunes and connect to your iOS device. Then remove Puffin from iTunes and reinstall Puffin.

9. Q: What is the system requirement to use Puffin?

For iOS, we require iOS 6 or up.
For Android, we require Android 2.3 or up.

10. Q: How can I show my webpages in AppleTV?

You may enable iPad Airplay mirror mode, and iPad will reroute your screen display and sound to AppleTV. For more information please check here for more detail.

11. Q: My Puffin is blocked by a firewall! What should I do?

There are two common reasons: 1) A few countries (such as China, Iran and UAE) apply tightly Internet Access controls and block Puffin’s cloud servers. 2) Some corporations may set up restrictions on firewalls and Puffin’s cloud servers are blocked. In these cases, please consult with your IT department or Internet service provider.

If your symptom is different, please email puffinbrowser@cloudmosa.com with following info:

  1. The country name or region where you use Puffin.
  2. The device model name and operating system version.
  3. Puffin’s version (At the bottom of the Settings menu)

12. Q: Why Block Pop-ups is not working in some websites? I keep getting ads!!

Some websites make their ads close icon "x" extremely small, and you may not be able to close ads with finger. Once you fail to close it, it will open more tabs with ads. Please use our trackpad and close it with cursor. However, there are still other kinds of pop-up ads, that we are not dealing well with. We will continue to enhance our services.

13. Q: Why there is a Java icon in a web page? Does Puffin support Java Plug-in?

Puffin does not support Java Plug-in. If a web page shows Java icon, that means there is an embedded Java applet in this web page.

14. Q: How can I prevent my children from using Puffin on their iPads/iPhones?

Puffin is rated as a 17+ app. You may enable app rate restriction on your children's iPad (Settings->General->Restriction, in "Allowed Content" App -> 17+)

15. Q: I would like to return the app. how can I get a refund?

We are not involved in the app purchasing process. You can reference the articles below to get a refund from Apple or Android.
iTunes App Store:

16. Q: How can I get volume licenses?

Puffin iOS version is only available through Apple AppStore. We do not sell directly to consumers.
For volume purchase, please refer to http://www.apple.com/business/vpp/
However, Google Play hasn’t provided similar programs.

17. Q: How can I get education volume licenses?

Puffin iOS version is only available through Apple AppStore. We do not sell directly to consumers.
Education discount (50%) + volume purchase
However, Google Play hasn’t provided similar programs.

18. Q: Does Puffin support any content-filtering features?

Puffin does not support content-filtering at this moment. If you currently use 3rd party’s content-filtering service, Puffin will bypass the service.

19. Q: I heard Puffin uses cloud-computing to render my pages. Is Puffin Safe?

Generally speaking, Puffin Web Browser provides better security and privacy.

  • All traffic from Puffin app to Puffin server are encrypted. It is safe to use public non-secure WiFi through Puffin, but not safe at all for most browsers.
  • Our server provides an exclusive session for each connected client for rendering its HTML files. Once a client disconnected, its session will be deleted and its files will be removed. Puffin servers are entirely stateless.
  • No virus can affect your mobile device through Puffin. Though mobile virus is not as bad as on Windows, it is nice to know that it will never happen through Puffin.
  • Account information stays in memory and wiped out when the session ends. Cookies are saved on the client device, not on the servers. In theory, our server can boot up from DVD-ROM and does not have any permanent storage at all.

In general, it is safer to use Puffin for "self-defense".
Nevertheless, it is not safe to conduct criminal activities through Puffin because we do cooperate with law enforcement agencies as required by law.

20. Q: How can I install Puffin Browser on SD card on my Android devices?

You can install and run Puffin Browser on SD card. To enable it, go to Settings->Applications->Manage applications->Puffin->move to SD card.

21. Q: After buying via in-app purchase, can I get a refund?

We don't refund in-app purchase. Please ensure you have tried and satisfied with the feature before purchasing it.

FAQs for IT/MIS and Technical Reporters

1. Q: How can I block 'Puffin Web Browser'?

There are 2 methods. The first method is through access control of IP addresses, and the second method is by checking SSL certificate. Choice can be made by the capability of your firewall and content filtering system.

For the first method, you can simply block these IP addresses (CIDR) used by Puffin Web Browser:

  • (Added at 2015/04)
  • (Added at 2015/04)
  • (Added at 2015/04)
  • (Added at 2015/04)
  • (Added at 2015/04)
  • (Added at 2015/04)
  • (Added at 2015/04)
  • (Added at 2015/04)
  • (Added at 2015/04)

The second is more effective and reliable since it will hold even our data center IP addresses are changed. Puffin Web Browser use HTTPS in network communication. It uses "*.cloudmosa.net" as common name in their SSL certificate of HTTPS. When doing content filtering through SSL certificate, you can reject "*.cloudmosa.net" in common name to stop Puffin Web Browser.

If your firewall supports content filtering through SSL certificate, this is the highly recommended solution.

2. Q: What is the user agent of Puffin Web Browser?

All Puffin browsers including Puffin Web Browser, Puffin Web Browser Free and Puffin Academy use the same format. Here is an example of the user agent of Puffin Web Browser 3.7.0:

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; zh-TW) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/30.0.1599.114 Safari/537.36 Puffin/3.7.0IT

"Puffin/3.7.0IT" is appended at the end of the user agent for Puffin Web Browser. "Puffin" is the keyword. If Puffin is found in the user agent, it is from the Puffin Web Browser.

"3.7.0"is the version number, where 3 is the major version and .7.0 is the minor version.

The rest two letters with 4 possible combinations represent the OS and the device type:

  • IP: iOS-Phone
  • IT: iOS-Tablet
  • AP: Android-Phone
  • AT: Android-Tablet