How to use Puffin

Basic Tools and Gestures

1. Sidebar, Back Button and Tabs. #

Sidebar: click "More" icon from the URL bar to bring up Sidebar, or click "More" icon from the Floating-menu on the right (left) edge of screen.

Quick access tab history: longpress on the back button from the URL bar to quick access the list of tab history.

Add a new tab: for iPad users, please click "+" icon from the URL bar. For iPhone users, please click “+” icon from sidebar. Or click "+" icon from the tabbed browsing view to open a new window.

Browse tabs: click "Tabs" icon on the URL bar or on the Floating-menu to enter the tabbed browsing view. In this view, you can close all open tabs by clicking "Trashcan" icon.

Entering Incognito mode (browse in private)

Back to previous page: swipe your finger from left edge of screen to center; proceed to the next page: swipe your finger from left edge of screen to center.

Reposition Floating-menu: drag Floating-menu vertically to the new positionl; or drag Floating-menu to the opposite of screen.

2. Texts selection / Image save #

Longpress on text to bring up text select kits. Longpress on a image to bring up pop-up menu to save the image.

Please allow Puffin to access your photo album, or it cannot save images. Please give permission via iOS Settings > Privacy > Photos > Puffin.

3. Scroll to top / bottom button #

Scroll the page down and “scroll-to-bottom” icon will show up. Click the icon to fast forwad to the bottom of the page. Similarly, scroll the page up and “scroll-to-top” icon will show up.

4. Keyboard #

Click the keyboard icon on the lower right corner.

Bring up the sidebar, and click "Keyboard" icon to launch soft-keyboard. Please note that Puffin cannot detect custom Flash inputbox. In this case, please bring up soft-keyboard manually.

5. Trackpad #

Click "Mouse" icon on the lower left corner.

Bring up the sidebar, and click “Mouse” icon to launch virtual trackpad.

6. Gamepad #

Bring up the sidebar, and click “Game Pad” icon to launch virtual gamepad.

7. Video Reel #

Puffin will automatically detect device supported video formats, and show movie thumbnails for supported videos. Once you click the thumbnail, the video will be played in full screen mode.

For more information about playing video in Puffin, please refer to the following page.

8. Theater Mode [Flash full screen mode] #

Bring up the sidebar, and click “Theater” icon to launch full screen mode. Theater mode is available for Flash content, including videos and games. For gamers, it is easy to do one finger "drag-n-drop" gesture in this mode.

In Theater mode, you can bring up control panel by clicking "More" icon from Floating-menu. In control panel, you can adjust Flash quality. Please note that higher quality requires more bandwidth. By reducing Flash quality may improve gaming experience.

9. How to use add-ons for better reading and more! #

Add-ons are small pieces of 3rd party script that add new features or functionality to your Puffin. Through add-ons, you can customize webpages to meet your special needs.

For example. Go to the desirable web page first, and click "Add-ons" icon from the sidebar. Click "Use Readability", and you will see the article has been reformatted to readable layout. Now we have translator, read-it-later, evernote and more. Please click "Edit" to add more add-ons.

10. How to download #

Puffin automatically download the file when needed. You can force Puffin to download a link by long-pressing on the link and selecting "Save Link". Then Puffin will ask 'Where to save the file, your device or Dropbox?'.

11. How to check download status and open downloaded files #

Bring up the sidebar, and click “Download” icon. Then you can see the download progress.

To access downloaded files from other apps, tap the completed record and then tap "Open in" from the detail view.

To access files in your Dropbox, you need to use Dropbox app or visit Dropbox website.

12. How to drag-n-drop #

For Adobe Flash content, It is easy to do drag-n-drop in Theater mode. Please click "Theater" icon from the sidebar. Your finger pan gestures will be considered as 'drag-n-drop' in this mode.

For other cases, please try one-click and one-longpress on the target object. When a circle appear on your touch point, you can move finger to perform drag-n-drop movement. If your target object is small, please refer to "How to drag-n-drop with trackpad".

13. How to drag-n-drop with trackpad #

Bring up the sidebar, and click "Mouse" icon. Two fingers press on the trackpad and wait for mouse cursor changing into hand icon. Then, move your finger to perform drag-n-drop movement. It’s okay moving your fingers out of trackpad area. You may longpress on the trackpad, and the mouse cursor will change to hand icon for drag-n-drop movement.

14. How to do mouse right click #

Bring up mouse trackpad first. Then, two fingers click on the trackpad.

15. How to print #

You need to have a AirPrint compatible printer ( The printer and your device should connect to the same local netwrok. Click 'Print' icon from the sidebar, select the printer from the list, and click 'Print' to print the webpage.

16. How to reconnect to our servers #

Puffin should auto-resume its connection to our server while your device recovering from no signal. You can enforce it to do so. Please bring up the sidebar, and click “Reconnect to Server” icon. Puffin will drop the exisiting connection, and will establish a new one.

If Puffin still cannot connect to our server, please click "Network Diagnostics" icon to find out more deyails. If a firewall blocks Puffin browser, please contact your IT staff or ISP directly for more info or reasons. If not, please contact us by email Please provide us 1) Your contry, 2) Your City/State, 3)Internet Service Provider, 4)Device Model/OS, 5)Puffin version and 6) screenshots of test result.

17. How to change the color of topbar and sidebar #

Click "Setting" from the sidebar to to the submenu. Then, click "Color Theme" option to change the color of topbar and sidebar.

18. How to change the wallpaper in homepage? #

Click "Setting" from the sidebar to enter the submenu. Then, click "Wallpaper" option to change the background photo.

Basic Settings

1. How to manage your start page #

In the Start Page, Puffin lists your most visited websites, and you may remove sites from the list. Longpress on the site to bring up the menu, and click "Hide" to remove the site. The site won't be listed again unless you enable "Show Hidden Sites" option from settings.

Puffin World is a web-apps network. All web-apps listed here come with 24hour Flash support. Once you "install" the app, the app icon will be added to your Start Page for quick access. Longpress on the icon to rearrange display order.

2. Manage your bookmarks #

Go to your desirable web page first. Click "Bookmarks" icon from the sidebar, then click "Add Bookmark" to add a new bookmark.

In the start page, longpress on the bookmark tile to bring up the submenu and select "Move" to make it movable. Then rearrange it to a desirable place. You may delete the tile by selecting "Delete" option from the submenu.

To create a new folder, please drag one bookmark on top of the other. Puffin will create a folder to hold both bookmarks.

You can import your desktop bookmarks into Puffin browser. Click the "+" icon from the bookmark section of the star page and select "Import Desktop Bookmarks" option from the menu.

You can transfer your bookmarks in Puffin to other Puffin browsers.

1. Click "Export Bookmarks" from the menu. Puffin will open a bookmark-export web page.

2. Click "Export" again in this web page. You will get a URL. Please copy this URL and email this link to yourself. Please be noted, this URL is only available for 24 hours.

3. Open another Puffin app, and enter the provided URL. Puffin will start to import your bookmarks from our server.

3. Enable Tab List Bar #

If you like to have a classic Tab Bar at bottom of screen, please go to “Settings” and turn on “Show Tab List Bar” option.

4. Set default action for download (ask / always to device / always to dropbox) #

Puffin asks where you like to save download files, and keeps this setting as default. To change this, please go to “Settings” and change the value of “Download to where” option.

5. Password autofill setting #

Puffin asks whether you like to save password, and keeps this setting as default. To turn it off, please go to “Settings” and turn off “Save Password” option.

6. New Tab default page #

Change default page: Click "Settings" from the sidebar, and change the value of "New tab" option to "Open URL". Then, change the value of "New Tab URL" to your desirable website. Puffin will automatically launch this website for each new tab.

Restore system page: Goto "Settings" => "New Tab", and choose "Start Page". Puffin will bring up its start page for each new tab.

Advance Settings

1. Turn-on Flash support #

Puffin shows Flash contents by default when the Flash support hour is still available. To turn it off, please go to “Settings” and turn off “Flash Support” option.

2. Act as mobile browser or auto switch to desktop browser #

Puffin displays most website in desktop mode. To change this, please go to “Settings” and change “User Agent” option.

3. Open pages in different zoom scales. #

Puffin displays web page in default zoom scale based on the screen size. To change this, please go to “Settings” and change the value of “Zoom Scale” option.

4. Turn-on touch visual effect #

Each time you touch web page, Puffin will show a blue circle visual effect. To turn if off, please go to “Settings” and turn off “Touch visual effect”.

5. No Sound? Turn-on ignore mute switch #

When your device’s mute switch is on, you can still enable audio by turning on “ignore mute switch” option from “Settings”.

6. Clean History/Cache/Cookies/Password #

To clean history, cache, cookies, or saved passwords, please go to “Settings” and select "Clear Browser Data" options.

7. Clean all data (Please try this step when you cannot bring up Puffin app successfully) #

Please try the following steps.

1. Double-clicks Home button, and force close Puffin browser from the list.

2. Please go to iOS’s Settings.

3. Click Puffin app from the list. Then turn on “Erase all data” option.

4. Try to launch Puffin app again.

8. Can I setup Puffin as my default browser #

Due to iOS limitation, all third-party browser apps cannot be the default browser. However, here is a trick to open current page in Puffin when you use Safari: Please long press on me and tap "Copy URL" and then paste the URL in Safari. Then follow the instructions in the page to finish the rest steps.

Fix my problem

1. I have no sound when I watch video #

Please make sure your device’s mute settings is off. Or you can enable “Ignore Mute Switch” in Puffin’s settings.

2. Why sometimes Video Reel icon is enabled but sometimes it isn’t #

Some video formats can be played directly in Puffin client. Once Puffin detect this type of streams, it will activate the video reel button for use. However, there are some videos having proprietary formats, streaming or copyright-protection mechanisms. In these cases, Puffin will do video processing on server-side and deactivate the video reel button

3. The keyboard doesn’t show up when I click the input fields. What should I do? #

Puffin can automatically detect standard input fields and bring up soft keyboard, but it cannot detect custom Flash based input components. If it doesn’t, you can always bring up soft keyboard by clicking "Keyboard" icon from the sidebar.

4. Some websites say that I am not allowed to access certain web content because my location is in different region. #

Puffin uses our servers in USA to improve the user experience. The side effect is that the websites receive Puffin’s servers IP rather than yours. Although Puffin passes your IP to websites via X-Forwarded-For, some websites don’t support this standard.

5. My Puffin is blocked by Firewall #

There are two common reasons: 1) Few countries apply tightly Internet access controls and block Puffin’s cloud servers. 2) Some corporations may setup restrictions on firewalls and Puffin’s cloud servers are blocked. In these cases, please consult with your IT department or Internet service provider to resolve it. There isn’t much we can do.

6. My Puffin crashes on some website or keep reconnecting. What can I do? #

Please use "Send Feedback" and describe the issue and your country or region to help us identify the issue.

7. How do I open downloaded files in my device? #

You need to install apps which know how to open the files in your device. For example, you can open PDF after installing iBooks. There are other apps such as Dropbox, GoodReader, Keynote can open images, music, videos, MS office and other format of files. Note that some of them are not free.

8. I would like to clear other device's "opened tab" records. What should I do? #

Please visit and login with your Google account. Then click "Stop and Clear". Note that this will clear all syned data of your Chrome and Puffin in Chrome sync servers. Your local data such as bookmarks on per device will not be affected.