What is the user agent of Puffin Web Browser?

All Puffin browsers including Puffin Web Browser, Puffin Web Browser Free and Puffin Academy use the same format. Here is an example of the user agent of Puffin Web Browser 3.7.0:

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; zh-TW) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/30.0.1599.114 Safari/537.36 Puffin/3.7.0IT

"Puffin/3.7.0IT" is appended at the end of the user agent for Puffin Web Browser. "Puffin" is the keyword. If Puffin is found in the user agent, it is from the Puffin Web Browser.

"3.7.0" is the version number, where 3 is the major version and .7.0 is the minor version.

The rest two letters with 4 possible combinations represent the OS and the device type:

IP: iOS-Phone
IT: iOS-Tablet
AP: Android-Phone
AT: Android-Tablet

How to access Flash game or Flash video content?

Puffin browser now opens mobile webpages by default. However, most websites do not show Flash content in their mobile pages. To access Flash content, please click the menu and chose 'Open Desktop site' option. And Puffin will reopen the page in the desktop mode.

If you still prefer to open new tabs in the desktop mode every time, please go to Settings and enable the 'Always Desktop Site' option.

How to open download files in my device?

You need to install apps which know how to open the files in your device. For example, you can open PDF files after installing iBooks. There are other apps such as Dropbox, GoodReader, Keynote can open images, music, videos, MS office and other format of files. Note that some of them are not free.

Remove most visited websites

Puffin automatically shows the most visited sites on your start page. To remove them, longpress on the site icon. Then, click 'Remove' from the popup menu.

Network is very slow even the signal is strong.

Although the signal is strong, it is possible that the connection between the WiFi provider and Puffin data server is not good. Thus, please try the following ways to resolve this problem:1. Close the unused tabs in order to reduce the usage of bandwidth.2. Close other apps: Tutorial Video.If you still have the same problem, please click "Feedback" from the menu of Puffin Help, and provide us more info. Thank you!

Wrong Location

Puffin uses our servers in USA to improve the user experience. The side effect is that the websites receive Puffin's servers IP rather than yours.Although Puffin passes your IP to websites via X-Forwarded-For, some websites don't support this standard

Basic layout

Menu: the easy-access floating menu bar is located at the bottom of your screen, right next to your fingers. Click the menu icon to access tools, bookmarks and settings. Click the back button to go back to the previous page.

Browse tabs: click "Tabs" icon on the URL bar or on the floating-menu to enter the tabbed browsing view. In this view, you can close all tabs by clicking 'Trashcan' icon.

Back to previous page: swipe your finger from left edge of screen to center

Reposition Floating-menu: drag floating-menu horizontally to the new position.

Full Screen mode

Puffin supports Flash based or HTML5 based full screen mode. While viewing Flash videos or playing Flash games, a user will get noticed that he may enable the full screen mode. The 'Enable Full Screen mode' icon is located right next to the Floating menu on the bottom of the screen. Click the icon to enter the full screen mode.

Flash tools and settings: In full screen mode, Click 'More settings' icon, located at the bottom of the screen, to bring up the control panel. Please note that higher Flash quality requires more bandwidth, and it may result slower page responsiveness in slow network.


In the Flash full screen mode, click the more option icon on the lower right corner, and click "Game Pad" icon to launch virtual gamepad.

How to download

Puffin should automatically download the file. You may force Puffin to download a link by long-pressing on the link and selecting "Save Link". Then, you can save the file into your device or Dropbox.

To check the download status, click the menu botton, and click the 'Download' icon on the bar. You will find the status from the list.

To access the file on an iPad/iPhone, please tap the completed download from the list. Then, you can choose other apps to open/access the file.

To access files in your Dropbox, you need to use Dropbox app or visit Dropbox website.

How to drag-n-drop

For Adobe Flash content, it is easy to perform drag-n-drop in full screen mode. Please click "Full screen" icon right next to the floating menu. Then, the pan gestures will be considered as 'drag-n-drop' in this mode.

For other cases, please try one-click and one-longpress on the target object. When a circle appear on your touch point, you can move finger to perform drag-n-drop movement. If your target object is small, please refer to "How to drag-n-drop with trackpad".

How to drag-n-drop with trackpad

Bring up the menu, and click "Mouse" icon. Two fingers press on the trackpad and wait for mouse cursor changing into Hand icon. Then, move your finger to perform drag-n-drop movement. You may longpress on the trackpad, and the mouse cursor will change into 'Hand' icon for drag-n-drop movement.

How to print

You need to have a AirPrint compatible printer (http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4356). The printer and your device should connect to the same local netwrok. Click 'Print' icon from the menu, select the printer from the list, and click 'Print' to print the webpage.

How to reconnect to our servers

Puffin should auto-resume its connection to our server while your device recovering from no signal. You can enforce it to do so. Please click "Retry" icon on the screen.

If Puffin still cannot connect to our server, please visit our feedback page and provide us more information.

Incognito mode

In the tabbed browsing view, click "Incognito" icon to enable "Incognito mode".

Scroll to top / bottom

Scroll the page down and 'scroll-to-bottom' icon will show up. Click the icon to fast forwad to the bottom of the page. Similarly, scroll the page up and 'scroll-to-top' icon will show up.

Texts selection / Image save

Longpress on text to bring up text select kits. Longpress on a image to bring up pop-up menu to save the image.Please allow Puffin to access your photo album, or it cannot save images. Please give permission via iOS Settings > Privacy > Photos > Puffin.

Manage your bookmarks

Add Bookmark: Go to Puffin menu bar > Add Bookmark.

Access Bookmarks: Go to Puffin menu bar. Click 'Bookmarks' icon on the top bar.

Sync Chrome Bookmarks: In desktop Chrome, visit Chrome Web Store (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/apps). Search for 'Puffin Sync' extension, and add the extension to your Chrome. Back to your Puffin Browser, go to Puffin menu bar > Bookmarks, and click the 'Sync Bookmarks' icon on the top-right coner. Then follow the instructions on the screen. Once completed, Puffin will import your bookmarks from Chrome, and keep them in sync.

You can import your desktop bookmarks into Puffin browser. Click the "Import" icon from the bookmark section. Then follow the instructions on the screen.

Touch visual effect

Each time you touch web page, Puffin will show a blue circle visual effect. To turn if off, please go to 'Settings' and turn off 'Touch visual effect'.