Puffin Browser

Puffin Browser — Wicked Fast!

Puffin Browser now supports the latest Flash Engine
over the cloud for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

What's new in Puffin 5 (iOS)

The new Puffin 5 is the smartest mobile browser, and it does more with less.

  • Elegant and simple user interface design and intuitive app navigation.
  • Brilliant data savings with usage statistics.
  • Improvements in speed and page loading.
  • Latest Flash support with security patches.
  • iPad split view support.

Compatible with Latest Flash and Full Web Page Display

People say that mobile devices can't handle the burden of Flash content and can't display desktop version websites properly, but we say otherwise. Puffin Browser presents you the remote Flash execution technology that you can watch videos, play games, and tap into an endless sea of Flash content, all by running Flash on cloud.

* Flash is a registered trademark of Adobe Inc.

Incredible Loading Speed

Speed is one of the most crucial aspects of mobile browsers. Puffin Browser, with its revolutionary JavaScript engine and cloud computing technology, utilizes servers to preprocess and compress web pages, achieving loading times others can only dream of. Puffin Browser's compression technology will give you speeds far greater than built-in browsers, even on slow mobile networks. Check out how fast Puffin is!

Puffin Browser is faster.

Fastest JavaScript Engine

Puffin Browser, with its revolutionary JavaScript engine and cloud computing technology, is faster than the built-in browser by up to 550%. No other browser even comes close to Puffin Browser's speed.

Download to Cloud

Love to download stuffs but hate rising bills on your data plan? With Gigabit light-fabric cloud network, Puffin can now download files to your cloud drives at lightning speed. Since this happens cloud-to-cloud, downloading files won’t consume any of your network bandwidth. Now, Puffin Browser supports download-to-cloud for files up to 100MB ( 20MB files for Puffin Free and 1GB for Puffin Free with Preimium Download).