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CloudMosa's mission is to accelerate web experience on mobile devices through cloud computing. To most web users, speed is everything. Unfortunately, many mobile devices are slow due to constraints on cost, size and weight. CloudMosa developed technology to shift the workload from the mobile devices to the cloud servers. By outsourcing computing-intensive tasks to the cloud, resource-demanding web applications can run smoothly on resource-limited devices.


Shioupyn Shen
CEO & founder
  • 2002-2009,Google
  • 1994-2000,Microsoft
  • 1991,PhD in Computer Science, UCLA

Behind the Cloud

A powerful cloud is the major cornerstone to the success of our cloud service. In CloudMosa, we planned our cloud architecture intently and tried to leverage state-of-the-art technology from Day One. With no surprises, CloudMosa engineers worked closely with the best datacenter project team from DELL in building one of the most advanced datacenters in the US. As of this day, CloudMosa has thousands of servers operating in its 3 datacenters, serving millions of users around the world. Working 7X24, the cloud never sleeps. (Dell case study:PDF, Interview video)


CloudMosa is looking for self-motivated and passionate Software Engineers. There are several openings in the following areas - mobile applications, remote browsing, cloud computing and distributed systems. Software Engineers will work on diverse projects with varying responsibilities. Being an excellent generic Software Engineer and willing to dive into new challenges outweighs existing domain specific knowledge. (download job description)
Please contact us via email: jobs@cloudmosa.com

We have a special recruiting event in Taiwan now! Please check here for details.