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What's new in
Puffin 3.5 for Android

  • Support Flash Player 11.9 over the Cloud
  • Download-to-Cloud Feature
    (File Size: 100MB for Puffin Browser and 20MB for Puffin Free)
  • Native text input and autocomplete
  • New Add-ons support
  • Save Passwords
  • File upload and find in page

Flash support over cloud on Android

With CloudMosa's cloud computing, we can deliver Flash to your Android, so you can watch videos, play games and browse many rich Flash contents on your devices. Moreover, since Android devices have different input interface, Puffin Web Browser adds special interfaces to let you use Flash contents easily. Here are the details:

* Flash is a registered trademark of Inc.

1. Full screen video

For some videos, we provide a full-screen player option. The full-screen player leverages the native video player on your device, and thus provides a much smoother video streaming experience. However, this option is not completely available for some video websites (such as Hulu and other TV channel video sites).

2. Gamepad

With a virtual gamepad, playing Flash games is easy. Gampad has a cross pad in the left side to represent the arrow keys in a desktop keyboard and provides four customizable keys on Android tablets or two customizable keys on Android phones.

4. Trackpad

With a virtual trackpad, all mouse operations on Desktop is the same here. You can use it to point accurately, drag items, show items by moving mouse over menus or scroll the mouse wheel in the right hand side of the trackpad.

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