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WAAAY better than safari. It's faster, the UI looks better, the bookmark buttons are quick and simple, AND it handles FLASH VIDEOS flawlessly! I was very surprised by this app. Didn't think flash video was possible on the iPad until now. Thanks! I guess I'll be buying the full version when the 2 weeks expire. - by George Marangoudakis on August 23 2012 (iOS device)

Best App I've Found

I had no idea that running Flash on the IPad was even remotely possible till I found this app. I'm recommending all of my friends get this app ASAP. It makes surfing the net on the IPad a heck of lot more fun now. And, as an added benefit it blows the socks off Safari when it come to speed. Well worth the small app fee. Don't delay, get it today. - by Harley Rea on August 30 2012 (iOS device)

Best Flash

This browser supports a smooth flash playback for nexus 7 and my math labs and even has a on demand keyboard couldn't of asked for a better browser thank you for being the flash savior! - Alexander on August 30, 2012 (Google Nexus 7)