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2013 Apple App Store Best App

Country or RegionRank in paidRank in non-gameScreenshot
Japan22view screenshot
Spain41view screenshot
Turkey51view screenshot
Bulgaria82view screenshot
Czech Republic82view screenshot
Estonia82view screenshot
Hungary82view screenshot
South Korea86view screenshot
Greece92view screenshot
Poland92view screenshot
Portugal92view screenshot
Italy113view screenshot
Brazil131view screenshot
Panama134view screenshot
Peru134view screenshot
Chile144view screenshot
Colombia144view screenshot
New Zealand142view screenshot
Austria208view screenshot
Germany218view screenshot
Egypt225view screenshot
France224view screenshot
UAE225view screenshot
Canada254view screenshot
Netherlands2610view screenshot
Ireland314view screenshot
Russia325view screenshot
UK324view screenshot
Mexico377view screenshot
US387view screenshot
Australia419view screenshot
Luxembourg4213view screenshot
Switzerland4413view screenshot
India4515view screenshot

Since Apple's 2013 Best Apps ranking information is not available in all countries (like Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and many others) yet , the actual number of top ranked countries could be higher.