How Puffin's Cloud Server Works

When you browse with Puffin’s cloud server, the page will load faster, your computer will be more secure and it will save more CPU and memory.

Puffin will first load webpage in its high speed cloud servers, and send compressed data to your computer. Your page load speed is faster not only because the cloud server preprocesses the webpage, but also because it compresses data so that you download less data to show the webpage.

The cloud server also secures your computer by blocking any malicious website from your computer. Because the webpages are processed in the cloud, any malicious code has absolutely no chance of reaching your computer. Your computer will only receive 100% safe data from the cloud servers.

When using the cloud server to share the load of web browsing, you can save more than 50% CPU load and memory usage compares to other web browsers.

Understanding Cloud Server Status

When you click the icon in front of the url input box, Puffin will show the status of the cloud server, like the example below.

  • Enable Cloud Server - A switch that can turn on or turn off cloud server usage for the current tab.
  • Data Savings - The monthly statistics for data saving performance. The metric is the data amount saved, i.e. amount cloud server received minus amount cloud server sent to your computer, over total amount cloud server received from websites. Higher percentage means higher data saving rate.

    Note that video streams might not pass through the cloud server, which is not included in the metrics.

  • Cloud Server IP - This is the location and IP address of the dedicated cloud server instance for your current session. The cloud server looks like a proxy server to websites. It will pass your local IP address to web servers. But some websites fail to detect your local IP address. In that case, it might display your IP address and location based on the cloud server IP.
  • Your Local IP - This is the location and public IP address of your computer. Note that the country or region name is estimated from your IP address. It might be incorrect. Also, using a VPN service will change your address.

Stop Using Cloud Servers

Cloud servers provides great advantages for Puffin Browser users, but there might be some cases where the website or your network environment does not work with cloud servers. If you need to turn off cloud server usage for the current tab, simply click the switch in the cloud server status window. It will use local mode to access the web server directly until you turn cloud server back on.

Please note that turning off cloud server usage will lower protection of your computer. Puffin Browser will use a highlight color to warn a tab in local mode.